Maintenance and support services can help you meet your business objectives under all scenarios
Ongoing Supports: Bug Fixing, Problems, Analysis & Resolution, and On-Call Support
Adaptive Enhancements: Modifications To Support Changes in Business or Technical Requirements
Perfective Upgrades: Adding New Functionality or Features
Technical Improvements: Optimization Restructuring or Rewriting

Our Maintenance and Support Service Offerings
Our maintenance and support solutions can be categorized into the following:
1. Adaptive
Our adaptive software maintenance services include making changes to the operating functions of your software applications. We have the expertise in developing modifications; such as,
o Changing The Data Format
o Altering Localizations and Regulations
o Changing Hardware Configurations
o Modifying Supporting Utilities
o Integrating New Operating Systems
2. Corrective
Our professional software maintenance team provides corrective software maintenance services, and can easily correct any,
o Logic Errors
o Coding Errors
o Design Errors
Additionally, we can resolve any software related errors and bugs, like rectifying misspelled words or sentences in your software's interface, eliminating bugs & errors, and correcting any wrong algorithms in your software product
3. Perfective
Perfective software maintenance services help you meet your customer's requirements by improving your software application's Performance, Maintainability, and Other Attributes. Our skilled support team make effective,
o Modifications
o Deletions
o Insertions
o Enhancements
o Changes
4. Preventive
Our expert team is capable at effectively analyzing your software's future needs and problems based on,
o Customers' Feedback
o Past Occurrences
Our preventive software maintenance services aim at planning and incorporating solutions to meet future requirements and overcome problems that may ascend in the long-run


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