3D Product package design plays a critical role in communicating the value of a product to potential consumers.

At IT Solution, we create eye-catching package designs that are not only practical and innovative, but also establish brand identity. Our skilled designers aid innovators and manufacturers who want to

·         improve existing product packaging

·         design product packages that convey product value, improve buyer experience, enhance brand image, and improve shelf visibility

·         eliminate the use of unattractive packaging that turns off customers

·         launch new products into the market

·         create packaging that is both functional and appealing and fits into a production timeline and budget

IT Solution's 3D Product Package Design Services

IT Solution is a one-stop-shop for all 3D packaging design services in India including prepress, artwork development etc. We use photo-realistic 3D renderings to showcase the visual texture, color, structure in a new package design.

Our designers use software such as 3DS Max, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop to provide designs for -

·         Boxes and containers

·         Cases and shells

·         Labels and sleeves

·         Cartons (plain, folded, duplex board, etc.)

·         Pouches

·         Cans, etc.

We base our designs on a variety of factors such as product details, usability, manufacturing, branding and functionalities to deliver high-quality final output.

3D Product Package Redesign

We also breathe new life into an old product package with effective 3D designs that increase product awareness and sales

Advantages of Outsourcing 3D Product Package Design Services to IT Solution:

IT Solution's 3D packaging designs are affordable, and100 percent original.

 Some of our competitive advantages include -

·         Flexibility to get to market faster, as our services need less or no rework, as we can also reuse parts of old design data

·         Fully textured 3D package models provided in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, FPX, OBJ formats

·         Security - Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA) and other security protocols including General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR)

·         Faster turnaround

·         Team of qualified visualizers, designers, graphic artists, illustrators, etc.

·         ISO quality design processes with 99 percent SLA adherence

·         Get upto 3 design revisions

·         Test our service quality completely free of cost

·         Work in your own time zone with fluent English-speaking Account Managers

·         24/6 support

·         Hourly and project rates. We also have a full-time equivalent (FTE) option

·         Customized pricing packages to suit your budget requirements


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