At IT Solution we get books to press on time at the most affordable business costs. Based on the word count of your manuscript, IT Solution can advise on an estimated pagination, depending on your choice of format.

Our book designs are used for different genres of books including the following -

o    Children's books

o    Cook books

o    Comic books

o    Art books

o    Story books

o    Poetry books

o    Coffee table books

o    Newspapers and Journals

o    Magazines

o    AR/Newsletters/Fact Books

o    Photo Albums

o    Catalogs

o    Diaries/Planners

o    Content localization layout

We provide two different options to clients when it comes to book layout design services, they are -

o    Option 1: Basic Book Layout Design

Basic formatting and layout is used for books with a straight narrative, the author's photo and the publisher's logo. Features include a template-based design which are recommended for books that consist of a straight narrative, authors cannot touch the format or layout, and comprises of one round of free revision.

o    Option 2: Customized Book Layout Design

IT Solution takes your layout and formatting ideas and does the overall layout and formatting including insertion of images, drop caps, fonts, chapter titles, page number placement, tables, charts, text boxes, graphs, lists, subheading, block quotes, footnotes, and poetry. You can also pre style your book. Features include fully customizable designs, advanced formatting options, recommended for specialty books like textbooks, structured poetry, etc. and have two rounds of free revisions.


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