IT Solution provides services for many types of hardware solutions. Equipment can be purchased directly from IT Solution at competitive prices.

The following list of items are examples of some of the hardware that IT Solution can provide, deliver, install, and service:

· Personal computers, workstations, and laptops

· Tablets and other mobile devices

· Servers and storage

· Unified Threat Management systems (UTMs), firewalls, and other security devices

· Local and wide area networking equipment, low-voltage cabling

· Local and cloud backup solutions

· Phone and other communication systems

Through coordination with owners, architects, end users and maintenance staff, we can decide together what the best solutions for your facility are, regardless of brands and without consideration for giving advantage to one distributor over another.

Many of you may be accustom to getting hardware schedules and specification prepared at "no charge".  Rest assured that you always pay for these services, just not directly.  With IT Solution Hardware Consulting, you will know what services to expect and what you are being charged for them.

Does your project require a Hardware Consultant? 

Most projects can benefit from professionally prepared documents and the knowledge that a trained hardware consultant can deliver.  Door hardware is an increasingly complicated part of the building process and with life safety, accessibility and security concerns, it is essential to get it right

Our goal is to provide you with a service that will add value to your project and minimize costly changes and delays.


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