IT Solution can design, develop and deploy highly effective instructional design solutions that address your needs with competence.

e-Learning team has expertise in instructional design and e-Learning software development for a variety of industry specific domains. e-Learning solutions designed in a variety of formats such as:

·         Computer based training (CBT)

·         Web based training (WBT)

·         Self-paced learning tutorials

·         ITLs (Instructor Led Training)

·         Online courses

·         Product tutorials

·         Online Product Demos

·         Simulations

·         e-Learning software

e-Learning Services:

e-Learning team provides services that include the design and development of effective e-Learning services and also hosting and managing these e-Learning solutions

Our e-Learning services include:

·         Mobile Application Development

·         Custom Application Development

·         Solution Implementation

·         Corporate Training Solutions

·         Performance Gap Solutions

·         Training Product Development Services

·         Product Demos

·         Instructional Design

·         Content Development

·         Art, Design and Animation

·         Game Based e-Learning

·         Open Source Development

·         Content and Application Porting for the customer.

Benefits of Our e-Learning Services

·         Highly skilled instructional systems design (ISD) specialists, content developers and creative artists

·         Expertise on an array of e-Learning software

·         Flexibility of time/place of learning

·         Varied choice of learning material

·         Variety of options in terms of learning methodologies


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